After meeting with the community leaders, ground work was also laid for more substantial programs that we will tackle in the next two years:

Karen will go back in late September to evaluate how the first 5 months of the training program is going and Phil and Karen will return in the winter of 2018 to assess how we can bring medical professionals as well as others who would want to work to assist Sawa in their ongoing programs.

We want to continue paying for the training for the 12 villages of Angiya, Kenya through Free Kenya to finish what we have started which started in the summer of 2017 and will continue for 12-18 months. This includes agricultural diversity plantings and education, livestock support, ecological education, ???.

We want to continue to support the Medical Mission Sisters Clinic in Angiya with supplies, medicines and medical equipment. They have just completed a building that now will be able to have delivery rooms and some support space for staff. They deliver over 300 babies a year and the mortality rates are way below the average for the area.

We are looking to assist the community with accessibility to clean water through the drilling of a bore hole as well as setting up a community based management company.

We are also trying to create new ways of thinking in the school system that will foster creativity, increased self-esteem, motivation, desire to help community and to create an atmosphere of self- sufficiency …


Helping Kenyans help themselves to a better life

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