About Sawa Sawa:

We have spent nearly a decade visiting and working in Kenya and we have learned a great deal about the people and how to do things and how not do things. We are in a constant dialogue and evolution from our collective experience. Each time we settle into a project in Kenya we bring together the wealth of our growing experience. The learning we carry with us helps to choose projects that will lead to productive and respectful ends for the people we partner with and us. Our goal is to empower and foster the idea of creative self-sufficiency not reliance upon us to provide what they need and want. We have provided our hearts and hands to multiple projects over the years at AIDS orphanages, schools, rescue centers, etc. from small villages to the slums of Nairobi.

In addition to addressing the very basic needs that poverty creates, our work in Kenya is to counteract the effects of colonialism and patriarchy which can easily paralyze a population into inactive passivity waiting for “relief and handouts” to come from elsewhere. The best way we can bypass this obstacle is to uncover what has been lying dormant and hidden in these communities impoverished by these longstanding patterns that surround them and teach them how to do it for themselves.

Underlying all of our “practical” projects, such as agricultural renewal for example, is the goal to uncover hidden talents and leadership skills. When we work in partnership with Kenyans these projects bring forth creative ideas that insure ownership and a success that is more likely to lead to more self- motivated action.

In partnering with FreeKenya we blend nicely with their model of working with farming communities in ways that lead to “food on the table and money in your pocket”. We also have added responsible leadership that focuses on the needs of the entire community and the ecology of the environment as well. They have the skills to manage themselves but they have to be given the confidence to speak out and take charge of their lives.

Helping Kenyans help themselves to a better life

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